2022 Assembly Officer Installation

Officers installed flanked by Honor Guards Justin Appi (L) & Administrative Assistant Joseph Sean Aparicio (R). First row (L-R) Ed Drew (Faithful Pilot), Lou Pacelli (Faithful Navigator), District Master Kevin Donovan & State Deputy Matt McGrath. Back row (L-R) Ric Raffone (Faithful Captain), Gilbert Avery (Faithful Inner Sentinal) & Frank Quadrino (Faithful Scribe)
Daniel Isabel (Grand Knight Council 1) presents jewel of Faithful Chaplain to Fr. Ryan Lerner
Christian Quadrino (Chief Squire) presents Fr. Anthony Federico the jewel of Father Prior of the Blessed Fr. Mcgivney Circle 5319 as Faithful Navigator Lou Pacelli (L) & Grand Knight Daniel Isabel look on
Blessed Fr. McGivney Squires Circle 5319 were also installed. Pictured (L-R) Arthur Moral, Austin Moral, Father Anthony Federico (Father Prior), Christian Quadrino (Chief Squire), Esteban Ortiz & Erick Angulo. Counselors Frank Quadrino & Dr. Chris Neumann in rear
Our Brothers from Council 1 were also installed. Pictured (L-R) Armand DeToro, Robert Goossens, Tom Pursell, Mike Tortora, Daniel Isabel (Grand Knight), Father Ryan Lerner, Father Anthony Federico, Matt McGrath (State Deputy), Joseph Brownsberger & Chris O’Connor