Squires Circles




For Catholic Teen Boys in Our Area

There are three Squires Circles supported by the Knights in our area:

Squires Investiture
Former Colombian Squire from the Philippines Mr. Melvin Moral pins his son invested int the Squires Circle
Squires in Action
Columbian Squire Arthur Moral (L) & Erick F. Angulo (R) of Fr.McGivney Circle 5319
Chief Squire Christian Quadrino doing the reading at VA Hospital monthly visit
Hire a Squire program raking leaves for a parishioner in New Haven on 11/9/2019
Squires posing for a photo upon completing Hire A Squire 11/09/2019 in New Haven
Pictured are (Front Row L-R) Christopher Singer (Chancellor), Austin Moral (Sentry), Brandon Sotomayor (Bursor)
Rear (L-R) Esteban Ortiz (Notary), Arthur Moral (Marshal), Christian Quadrino (Chief Squire) & Dr. Chris Neumann (Counselor)
Hire A Squire program raking leaves at the residence of a parishioner 11/16/2019. Pictured (L-R) Austin Moral, Christian Quadrino, Arthur Moral & Eric Angulo