Squires Circle – Blessed Father Michael J. McGivney Squires Circle 5319




For Catholic Teen Boys in Our Area

There are three Squires Circles supported by the Knights in our area:

Hire A Squire 11/19/22: (L-R) Eric Angulo, Christian Quadrino, Brandon Sotomayor & Justin Sotomayor bagging piles of leaves into leaf bags for disposal
Squires rake & bag leaves at the home of a Parishioner who “hired a Squire”

Madonna Garden replanting April 30, 2022

Chief Squire Christian Quadrino (L) & Notary Esteban Ortiz (R) planting in the Madonna Garden along side St. Mary’s Church
Squires Counselor Dr. Chris Neumann (PFN) along with Esteban Ortiz (Notary) & Christian Quadrino (Chief Squire) planting flowers in the Madonna Garden at St. Mary’s in New Haven, CT
Madonna Garden 3
Evelyn Quadrino, mother of Chief Squire Christian Quadrino, planting flowers at the Madonna Garden along side St. Mary’s Church in New Haven
Pictured (L-R) Dr. Chris Neumann (PFN), Esteban Ortiz, The Virgin Mary, Christian Quadrino & Frank Quadrino. Photo Courtesy of Jody Ortiz
The finished product. Photo courtesy of Jody Ortiz
Photo courtesy Jody Ortiz
Squires Investiture
Former Colombian Squire from the Philippines Mr. Melvin Moral pins his son invested int the Squires Circle
Squires in Action
Columbian Squire Arthur Moral (L) & Erick F. Angulo (R) of Fr.McGivney Circle 5319
Chief Squire Christian Quadrino doing the reading at VA Hospital monthly visit
Hire a Squire program raking leaves for a parishioner in New Haven on 11/9/2019
Squires posing for a photo upon completing Hire A Squire 11/09/2019 in New Haven
Pictured are (Front Row L-R) Christopher Singer (Chancellor), Austin Moral (Sentry), Brandon Sotomayor (Bursor)
Rear (L-R) Esteban Ortiz (Notary), Arthur Moral (Marshal), Christian Quadrino (Chief Squire) & Dr. Chris Neumann (Counselor)
Hire A Squire program raking leaves at the residence of a parishioner 11/16/2019. Pictured (L-R) Austin Moral, Christian Quadrino, Arthur Moral & Eric Angulo
Squires Circle member Brandon reading at the VA Hospital Monthly Mass
Members of the Squires Circle with parents pose for a photo with Fr. Cosmas in the VA Hospital chapel. The Squires gave their annual donation to Father from monies earned doing Squires activities
Squires (& Father) displaying their new vests
Squire Austin Moral hands out Kleenex to guests arriving at a wedding at St. Joseph Church in New haven
Chief Squire Christian, Deputy Chief Squire Justin & Pole Captain Eric standing near the altar at St. Joseph Church in New Haven
Brothers Arther (L) & Austin (R) in the vestibule at St. Joseph Church New haven. The Squires were hired to assist guests at a wedding on Saturday January 25, 2020
Blessed McGivney Squires (L-R) Esteban Ortiz, Arthur Moral & Christian Quadrino standing in front of Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Guilford after a “hard days work”