Helping Hands

The Sir Knights of the Honorable W. Patrick Donlin Fourth Degree Assembly provide a helping hand in a variety of ways to people and groups of people in our area.  As practicing Catholics, we serve humanity in need, whether appearing at funerals in our honor guard uniforms at times of deep sorrow, or by providing monetary donations made possible through fundraising efforts like our annual golf tournament.

From time to time we are graced with written thank you letters and we share those with you here for one reason: so you may be inspired to join our efforts as a Fourth Degree Sir Knight, or so you may donate to the worthy causes that you see impacted by our efforts.

And thanks to all the Sir Knights all over the world whose heroic efforts make our world a better place – one helping hand at a time!

Lend your helping hand today to those in need around you and see for yourself who is really graced when you do.


A flag set donation

A mass kit donation used by Fr. Christopher with US soldiers overseas.