Helping Hands

Sir Knight Chris Komondy (foreground) at St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church for the packing & shipping of humanitarian aid that will be sent to the Ukraine

Sir Knight Michael Muttitt (PFN) takes a breather in assisting the packing of humanitaian aid & medical supplies

Sir Knight Chris Komondy shows off his skills maneuvering the forklift

Sir Knight Mike Halley (Council 10) gives Sir Knight Komondy some pointers on operating the forklift

Like Father, like son. Mark Halley Jr, assists in shrink wrapping a pallet of humanitarian aid

Father Joachim Kenney (OP) Faithful Friar, (c) masters the craft of log cutting using the log cutting machine at Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Guilford

Blessed McGivney Squires (L-R) Esteban Ortiz, Arthur Moral & Christian Quadrino standing in front of Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Guilford after a “hard days work”
Blessed McGivney Squires Circle Counselor Dr. Christopher Neuman (PFN) (c) flexes his muscles logging tree trunks to be split into logs

The Sir Knights of the Honorable W. Patrick Donlin Fourth Degree Assembly provide a helping hand in a variety of ways to people and groups of people in our area.  As practicing Catholics, we serve humanity in need, whether appearing at funerals in our honor guard uniforms at times of deep sorrow, or by providing monetary donations made possible through fundraising efforts like our annual golf tournament.

From time to time we are graced with written thank you letters and we share those with you here for one reason: so you may be inspired to join our efforts as a Fourth Degree Sir Knight, or so you may donate to the worthy causes that you see impacted by our efforts.

And thanks to all the Sir Knights all over the world whose heroic efforts make our world a better place – one helping hand at a time!

Lend your helping hand today to those in need around you and see for yourself who is really graced when you do.


A flag set donation

A mass kit donation used by Fr. Christopher with US soldiers overseas.

As you know, The Fourth Degree is the Patriotic degree. Our Assembly supports our Veterans & numerous Veterans causes. It was recently brought to our attention that a World War 2 Navy Veteran (George Pappacoda), an East Haven resident, was in desperate need of an oxygen tank. One of our Sir Knights Anthony DeCaprio purchased an Oxygen tank for George & was subsequently reimbursed by the Assembly. George pictured below, is shown with SK Anthony Mansi PFN (L), & SK Rob Ellis (R) at the home of George upon delivery of the o-2 device. The photo on the right shows George (bottom center) along with his six brothers who all served this country proudly. A big Thank You to all involved to make George more comfortable at home.

Helping a Brother Knight
Helping a Brother Knight in need…Fathful Navigator Michael Muttitt (r) makes a diaper delivery to Sir Knight Gilbert Avery (c) who recently became a “grandpa”. Sir Knight Frank Quadrino (l) also was present.

Photo courtesy Evelyn Quadrino