Color Corps/Honor Guard

Knights of Columbus Honor Guard ranked first place in Best Fraternal Marching Band in the 2022 New Haven Saint Patricks Day parade

(Photo above) -Color Corps Commander Frank Quadrino leads the rank. (l-r) Faithful Navigator Lou Pacelli (Color Guard), Joseph Sean Aparicio (Flag Bearer US. Flag), John Winchell from Assembly 97 (Flag Bearer Flag of Ireland), Richard Goulart (Flag Bearer Knights of Columbus Flag) & John Brillante from Assembly 1858 (Color Guard) pause on Chapel St.

Photo courtesy Dulce Amor Aparicio

Color Corps
The Color Corps has two sub-groups, the Color Guard (C.G.) and the Honor Guard (H.G.). The Color Guard consists of the flag bearers and at least two members of the Honor Guard who escort the colors. The Honor Guard consists of members of the Color Corps who have mastered the Manual of the Sword. In many assemblies, all members of the Color Corps belong to the Honor Guard. This should be kept in mind when following the procedures in this manual. The public appearance of Fourth Degree Knights as a Color Corps at religious and civic functions is an important activity for each assembly. They add dignity and the pride of Church and country to any event. By these public demonstrations their loyalties bring credit to themselves and to the Knights of Columbus.

Uniform of the 4th Degree (Official Attire)
Blue Blazer with emblem of The Order 
Gray Slacks
Plain Shirt
Tie with Emblems of The Order.
Black Shoes.
Black Socks.      4th Degree Pin

Uniform of the Color Corps: Same as above, plus:
Black Beret with Emblem of The Order w/
Appropriate Rank Color Background of The Emblem
Service Baldric.
Ceremonial Sword.
White Gloves.

Honorable W. Patrick Donlin Color Corps:
Membership in the Color Corps is open to any member in good standing of the 4th Degree.   All members of the Color Corps must be trained regularly and certified before they can take part in any functions. Once certified the men must be re-certified every two years to maintain their position in the Color Corps.

​What do the different color emblem backgrounds mean?
Dark Blue – Supreme Master
Robins Egg Blue – Vice Supreme Masters and Former Vice Supreme Masters
Gold – District Masters and Former District Masters
Green – District Marshals
Purple – Commander of the Color Corps
White – Faithful Navigators and Past Faithful Navigators
Black – All other

​The uniform, Service Baldric and Sword are for all 4th Degree Knights and the uniform with Baldric and Sword will be worn by the Color Corps.  Please check with your Color Corps Commander as to which to wear to events covered by your Assembly.