Corpus Christi 2022

On the weekend of June 18 & 19, 2022, Our Assembly took part in 3 Corpus Christi Events. St George Church (Guilford) conducted a vigil mass followed by a short procession. Pictured below are two Corpus Christi events from New Haven where we participated in the mass at St. Mary’s Church & a procession through city streets to St. Joseph’s Church where a benediction & picnic was held.

Sir Knights Andrea Puzio from Assembly 97 (l), Frank Quadrino (c), Justin Appi from Assembly 97 (r), Lou Pacelli (FN) (rear r), & Joseph Sean Aparicio (rear l) manning the canopy for the Corpus Christi procession
Pictured (l-r) Sir Knights Glen Smith (CCC Assembly 97), Frank Quadrino (CCC Assembly 2459), Lou Pacelli (FN), Joseph Sean Aparicio & Justin Appi (Assembly 97) pose in front of St. Mary’s Church prior to the Corpus Christi Mass
Sir Knight Frank Quarino (c) poses with Brother Knight Maurice O’Connor (l) & Sir Knight Joseph Myers (r) who are volunteering at St. Joseph Church at the picnic

Simultaniously, Sir Knights Anthony Mansi PFN (l), Gilbert Avery (2nd from l), Michael Muttitt PFN (rear r) & Rob Ellis pose at Our Lady of Pompeii Church East Haven for the Corpus Christi mass & procession encompassing the parishes of St. Pio of Pietrelcina East Haven & New Haven

At the second stop in front of St. Vincent dePaul Church
Father leaving St. Vincent dePaul enroute to St. Bernadette
Concluding at St Bernadette church in New Haven